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  • I've been training with wolfpack for over 3 years now, and I couldn't imagine life without my wolfpack family! The trainers are always encouraging and they create an environment that is supportive, fun and motivating. Even on those cold winter mornings, I never regret getting out of bed to make it to an early session. There's always a great energy within the group and we have a good laugh, the perfect way to start my day. Feeling fit and healthy is just an extra bonus!
    Sue L
  • I would recommend Wolf Pack fitness to anyone and everyone, as I know that regardless of who you are or what your abilities are, you will get so much out of coming to the sessions. The team is flexible and responsive to each person, working on individual goals while being capable of creating the best kind of group environment. Social, challenging and supportive- it’s hard not to fall in love with the pack.
    Amy B
  • The amazing Wolfpack trainers promote a fit & healthy lifestyle. Their positive attitudes towards fitness & training are evident in every session which is drenched with energy & enthusiasm. Wolfpack helped me to achieve my personal fitness goals & they were there to support me every step of the way. Wolfpack Fitness promotes a fun & challenging environment for all fitness levels for people to make their health goals become a reality in an awesome team environment.
    Carly W

Current Group Fitness Timetables

Monday Morning 6:00am (Seymour Shaw Park) BOOTCAMP/STRENGTH
Tuesday Morning 6:00am (Seymour Shaw Park) BOXING
Wednesday Morning 6:00am (Seymour Shaw Park) BOOTCAMP/STRENGTH
Wednesday Night 6:30pm (Seymour Shaw Park) HIIT
Thursday Morning 6:00am (South Cronulla Beach) RUNNING
Thursday Night 6:30pm (Seymour Shaw Park) BOOTCAMP / STRENGTH
Friday Morning 6:00am (Seymour Shaw Park) BOXING / BOOTCAMP STRENGTH
Saturday Morning 6:00am (Greenhills Beach) SAND SESSION

More about us

Who we are

Based in the Sutherland Shire, Wolf Pack Fitness is one of Sydney’s fastest growing Outdoor Fitness Organisations, providing high quality, comprehensive and leading edge outdoor fitness & health services for people of all ages, shapes and abilities.

What we do

At Wolf Pack Fitness we provide high quality, comprehensive and leading edge outdoor fitness & health services for people of all ages, shapes and abilities. We pride ourselves on running fun, social and interactive outdoor physical activity programs, which are centered around our philosophy of #RUNWITHTHEPACK- Living the best life you can, with the force of an entire pack behind you! 

Why we do it

Because we want the world to FEEL GOOD!

At Wolf Pack Fitness, EVERYTHING we do, we do with the belief that it contributes to making people FEEL GOOD.

FEEL GOOD EVERYDAY: Everyday we want people BUZZING from their daily dose of endorphins (Endorphins = The FEEL GOOD chemicals released everytime you exercise!)

FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF: We want people feeling fit, healthy, strong and confident about the way they look!

FEEL GOOD WITH OTHERS: Create an envirnoment that allows people to not only work hard, but also have fun and socialise with other great people!

Where we do it

Seymour Shaw Park, Miranda
1R Parkside Ave, Miranda NSW 2228
(Meet in the Miranda Magpies Soccer Club Carpark)

Lucas Reserve, Cronulla
1 Mitchell Road, Cronulla, NSW
(Meet at the end of the Wanda Beach/Greenhills Beach Carpark)